Co-Ed Tumbling Classes


Beginning Tumbling (Ages 6+): Tumbling is instruction solely on the floor apparatus. Beginning tumbling teaches skills such as cartwheels, round offs, walkovers, and handsprings. In order to acheive the skills, the gymnast must develop flexibility, coordination, muscle memory, and strength. Training modalities such as rope climb, leg lifts, back arch mats, hoola hoops, jump rope, jump blocks, resistance bands, tumble track, trampoline, and foam pit aid in development of these qualities. When gymnasts have mastered roundoff back handspring skill, they are ready for the advanced tumbling class.

Advanced Tumbling (Ages 7+): This class enhances all beginning tumbling skills and adds to these with instruction in tumbling connections and more advanced back and front tumbling skills. Continued emphasis in athletic training to enhance flexibility, coordination, muscle memory, and strength.