Release Agreement and Assumption of Risk
to receive instruction in gymnastics and all activities incidental thereto, or to engage in gymnastics at the Southeastern Gymnastics, Inc., I do hereby release and discharge Southeastern Gymnastics, Inc., its officers, agents and employees from all claims, demands, actions, judgments and executions which I, my child or ward or our heirs, executors, administrators or assigns as applicable, may have, or claim to have, against Southeastern Gymnastics, Inc., its agents or employees, for all personal injuries, known or unknown, and injuries to property, real or personal, caused by or arising out of the above-described activities. I assume for my ward or child, or I if applicable, all risks associated with those activities. I certify that I (or my child or ward if applicable) have no medical conditions that would be aggravated by or make it dangerous for me to participate in the above activities. I agree to abide by the posted rules and regulations of theSoutheastern Gymnastics, Inc., and to obey the instructions of the staff.
I have read this RELEASE and understand all of its terms. I execute it voluntarily and with full knowledge of its significance.
I give permission to SEG to photograph myself, ward or child
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