Southeastern Gymnastics Coaches & Staff

Ludmilla Shobe

Ludmilla Shobe – Head Coach

Ludmilla is a former Soviet National Team coach and coach of three time Olympian, Svetlana Boguinskaia. She has been training American children in the Russian tradition of gymnastics since 1989.For 10 plus years Ludmilla has served as the head coach of Southeastern Gymnastics and our competitive team. Over the length of her coaching career, Ludmilla has received many awards just a few of which are: 2007 NC Coach of the Year; 2010 Region 8 Coach of the Year; 2011 Region 8 Hall of Fame; and 2012 Club of the Year for Region 8.

Galina Meliakina

Galina Meliakina – Team Coach

Galina choreographed beam and floor routines for the USSR National Team from 1982-1990. She has worked with European and American Champions, Elena Shushunova, Oksana Omelianchik, Dominique Dawes and Kristen Maloney.Before coming to SEG in 2004, Galina choreographed routines for the Canadian National Team and coached at the Capital Gymnastics National Training Center in Washington, DC. Galina was also selected as USAG Coach of the Year in 2004.Currently Galina serves as one of the team coaches at SEG.

Gina Sadqi

Gina Sadqi – Recreational and Prep Op Coach

For 13 years Gina has been coaching recreational gymnastics at SEG and is currently serving as coach for the Prep Op team. She became interested in gymnastics at the early age of five and this interest has transferred to her two children who are also gymnasts. Her favorite events are beam and floor. She competed in Russia and also participated in Rhythmic Gymnastics. Gina is originally from Northern Russia and currently lives in Charlotte, NC.


Sofia Managadze – Team Coach

When she was five years old, Sofia’s mother took her to the gym because she was always climbing on trees; from that point on she was hooked on gymnastics. In the Republic of Georgia where she is from, Sofia was a national champion many times over. She was a member of the Soviet Union Team and has garnered many awards. She was Master of Sport and awarded “Best Coach” in Georgia. Sofia has been with SEG for three and a half years and currently serves as Team Coach. She says that seeing the progress of her students and watching them as they gain a skill they didn’t have before gives her the “best feeling”.

Frank Winstead

Frank Winstead – Recreational Coach

Coach Frank is a former gymnasts and a graduate of ESU in Pennsylvania. He is also a two time NCAA Division II National Champion in the Men’s Floor Exercise. Coach Frank has been with SEG since it first opened and a part of our Rec Program. Currently he coaches the majority of our Tumble classes; Boy’s Gymnastics and also shares his expertise by coaching several Rec classes. And we can’t leave out our Cubs and Tigers who love their Coach Frank.

Vladimir Taran

Vladimir Taran – Team Coach

Vladimir was born in Minsk, Belarus and started gymnastics at the age of six. In 1982 he graduated from the Academy of Physical Culture and Sport with a major in Gymnastics. He was awarded The Master of Sport by Belarus Gymnastics Association; considered to be one of the highest honors for an individual that is outstanding in their field of concentration. In 1997 Vladimir was also awarded The Best Coach of the Year in Belarus.

In 1980 Vladimir began his coaching career and from then until 1992 he coached in a sports club that was home to many Soviet Union gymnasts, National Team members and Olympians such as Vladimir Artemov and Yurey Balabanov. He also worked at Trydovie Rezervi, a sports club that was home to six time Olympic Champion Vitali Shcherbo and three time Olympic Champion, Svetlana Boginskaia. From 1995 – 2000 he coached the National Team in the Republic of Belarus where he had three athletes in the National Team.

Vladimir arrived in the United States in 2000 where he worked as a gymnastics coach for private clubs in New Jersey and Georgia. In 2008 he joined Gymnastics World of Georgia and during his tenure helped produce numerous State and Regional Champions as well as lead Compulsory and Optional Teams to the top position in the state of Georgia. He will be residing in the Weddington area with his wife Svetlana, and two daughters, Palina and Victoria.

Svetlana Taran

Svetlana Taran – Team Coach

Svetlana was an artistic gymnast until the age of 13 at which time she decoded in order to pursue Rhythmic Gymnastics; currently,she has more than 20 years experience in both Artistic and Rhythmic Gymnastics. As a result of extensive ballet training she also has excellent experience in this field; an essential aid when doing choreography on the floor and beam.

For seven years she worked as a fitness instructor during which time she co-authored a fitness program for National Television. She has also worked as a coach/teacher at the Academy of Physical Culture and Sport. In the field of Physical Education and Science, she had several publications in the National Magazines about the process of preparation in National Team for the European and World Championships.

Born in Minsk, Belarus, Svetlana began gymnastics at the age of six. In 1994 she graduated from the Academy of Physical Culture and Sport with a major in Gymnastics. She was awarded The Master of the Sport by Belarus Gymnastics Association. Svetlana arrived in the United States in 2000 with her husband, Vladimir, and their two daughters. She has worked at private gymnastics clubs in New Jersey and Georgia; the most recent, Gymnastics World of Georgia where she produced not only State and Regional Champions but also led the Compulsory and Optional Teams to the top positions in the state of Georgia. Currently she lives in the Weddington area with her family.

Brandon Johnson

Brandon Johnson

Originally from Houston, Texas, Brandon has been part of the SEG team for 1 year. He brings with him 12 years of coaching experience specializing in vault, bars, floor and Tumble Trak. Passionate about his work, Brandon loves how gymnastics builds an athlete that is eager, disciplined and committed to being the best they can be whether its striving toward the Olympics or a level 6 State meet. Brandon is married and lives in Matthews, NC with his wife Tunde and their son Brayden. He enjoys shopping and watching football. Brandon was awarded a certificate for completing J.O. Elite Compulsary 5,6,7 & 8 clinics held at the Womens National Team training center.


Tunde Pentek – Johnson

Although Tunde has been with SEG for only 1 year she brings with her quite a list of accomplishments. Tunde was an Elite Gymnast for Hungary, A National team member, A Collegiate Gymnast, An Olympic Alternate and has won 3 European Championships and 2 World Championships. Tunde comes from Hungary and now resides in Matthews, NC with her husband Brandon and son Brayden. She enjoys shopping and dining out with her family. Tunde has also won the judges award for Choreography while living and coaching in Texas prior to moving to North Carolina


Jennifer Reis

From a very early age, Jennifer would beg her mom to enroll her in gymnastics classes. She knew this was what she wanted to do early on and spent most of her childhood as a competitive gymnast. After college she returned to the gym she trained in as a child to begin her coaching career that would take her from Florida to Virginia to Texas and now to Charlotte gaining unique knowledge and experience from every opportunity. Jennifer is passionate about keeping kids healthy through progressive exercises that build confidence, strength and endurance. She is married with 2 children and enjoys working out, decorating, skydiving and going to the beach. Jennifer has been a member of the coaching staff at SEG since July 2016.