Team Policy and Prodedure

Southeastern Gymnastics

Dear Southeastern Gymnastics Families,

We hope this letter finds you healthy and safe. We would like to reach out to let you know our process in reopening the gym. We are hopeful that the initial phase directed at businesses that went into effect March 8, 2020 for North Carolina will indicate it is safe to reopen and we can participate in our sport soon. As with other elements in our day to day lives, we will also have changes at the gym that will be necessary to put in place for all of our safety. Please familiarize yourselves with the new policies and if you would like to start gym when we are allowed to reopen, we ask that you reenroll your child at Southeastern for both recreational classes and team participation. We will have a new release form and policy sheet available online. The recreational class schedule will be online. It will be modified from the original summer schedule according to interest and registrations received. Classes will be added to the schedule with demand. The team schedule will be modified by Ludmilla and team hours, work out groups, and tuition will be determined once we have our registrations and know how many of our team members will be participating.

Our timeline will follow Phase II guidelines and we are hopeful we will be able to reopen by June 1st. We will keep you posted!

The policies we do need to put in place upon our reopening are as follows:

  1. We will have a drop off system for all gymnasts in the main gym. A staff member will greet the gymnast in the car line and take their temperature. The gymnast will be admitted for class or work out if their temperature is below the CDC recommendation of 100.2 degrees. We will only admit gymnasts from the car line.
  2. All staff members will have their temperature taken and will not be allowed to work if their temperature is over 100.2 degrees.
  3. All staff members will wear masks.
  4. One parent will be allowed to accompany their child in the gym with a maximum of 15 parents at one time in the facility. Siblings will not be allowed in the gym. All parents must wear masks. If a parent does want to come into the gym, they too will have their temperature taken in the car line and must park their car after checking in their gymnast.
  5. All gymnasts will be supervised with their hand washing upon entering the gym.
  6. All team gymnasts will be given their own block of chalk to use. We can not use the communal chalk bowl.
  7. All team gymnasts will use their own gloves for the men’s bar.
  8. We will close the drinking fountains and gymnasts will need to bring their own water bottles.
  9. We will have regular handwashing though out practice.
  10. We will stagger start times to facilitate check in and dismissal. We will schedule events and rotations to minimize gymnast congregations.
  11. Class dismissal will also be in a car line format to decrease the amount of traffic inside the gym.
  12. We will use sanitizer to wipe mats and equipment as gymnasts rotate.
  13. Gymnasts will be supervised at hand washing prior to leaving the gym. We encourage all participants to shower and change their clothes as soon as they return home.
  14. We ask that you do not bring a gymnast if they have experienced a fever, cough, sore throat, body aches, vomiting, or diarrhea with in the last 48 hours.
  15. We advise that gymnasts with preexisting medical conditions that cause them to be immunocompromised not participate in this sport at this time.

Please look for updated registration information online.

We are optimistic for the future and look forward to hearing from you soon!

Mitzi and Mike Treske, Owners
SEG Coaching Staff