Team Policies

We are extremely pleased that you have selected Southeastern Gymnastics for your child’s competitive program. The following is a list of the team rules and policies. We advise you to read this carefully and sign below. Complete the registration form and return with the session registration fee, tuition and assessment fees that are due.

    1. To participate in Southeastern Gymnastics’ competitive team program, your child must be a registered member of Southeastern Gymnastics. There is an annual registration fee of $65.00, (non refundable or transferable). In order to participate as a team member, you must also be a member of the parent organization, PGO and Southeastern Boosters. There are separate dues for these organizations which are included in the assessment fees, by these organizations.
    2. All team tuition must be paid via credit or debit card or by bank draft. Tuition is due by the1st of each month and is determined by the workout level, not hours of instruction per week. If tuition is not received by the 1st of the month, an automatic $15.00 late fee will be assessed. If there is any outstanding balance due, a gymnast will not be entered into any competitive meets, camps or other team activities until the balance is paid in full. Any money submitted to Southeastern Gymnastics when a balance is outstanding will be applied to the outstanding balance even if submitted for another purpose. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.
    3. During the year it will be necessary to cancel scheduled practices due to coaches’ obligations to other levels at meets, coaches’ clinics, coaches’ illness, set up for home meets, gym maintenance, weather and/or other circumstances. These practices will not be made up nor will a refund or pro-ration be offered. We will always strive to keep cancelled practices to a minimum.
    4. There will be no refunds (NO EXCEPTIONS) for monthly tuition. There is NO PRORATION of fees if you choose, FOR WHATEVER REASON, not to attend all scheduled workouts.
    5. If your child decides not to continue with the team, you must advise the head coach and management, in writing, submitted to the office, 30 days prior to the last workout day or tuition for the month is due in full.
    6. All gymnasts are expected to compete in scheduled meets. Gymnasts are required to attend all regularly scheduled practices one week before a competition. Any team member unable to complete the required skills one week before competition may be scratched form the upcoming meet. The Costs for the meet are the responsibility of the parent.
    7. You must be current with PGO, Inc. and Southeastern Boosters at least one week prior to any team competition or event in order to participate in that meet or event. If you are not, your child will be scratched. Tuition for Southeastern Gymnastics must be current, or your child may not participate in meets, camps, or clinics.
    8. All team members must purchase a team uniform appropriate to their level.
    9. We encourage parents, siblings, relatives, and friends to observe workouts. All spectators are permitted in the observation areas only, never in the gym areas for safety purposes. Children not in classes should be supervised and remain in the observation areas. Siblings are not allowed to be left on the premises unattended.
    10. We expect our coaches to conduct themselves professionally when attending competitions. We expect parents to also conduct themselves courteously and respectfully when attending competitions. Under no circumstances will a parent enter the competition floor unless requested by a coach representing Southeastern. In the best interest of your child, and as common courtesy to the other parents and gymnasts, it is requested that if conflicts arise between you and a coach that you wait until the completion of the competition to address these issues.